HFD is here to support you with your active installment payment plan and will provide updates as they are available. These Frequently Asked Questions are intended to provide interim guidance for customers while the various interested parties work out a final plan for SmileDirectClub customers.

LAST UPDATED: 2/15/2024

SmileDirectClub FAQ

SmileDirectClub has made the incredibly difficult decision to wind down its global operations, effective December 8, 2023 (the “Wind Down date”). We apologize for the inconvenience but rest assured HFD is still here to support you regarding your active installment payment plan. As more information becomes available to HFD, we will continue to keep SmileDirectClub customers well informed. Please refer to this Frequently Asked Questions page for updates.  

As of 2/15/2024:

  1. HFD has received customer data that confirms those who received aligner products from SmileDirectClub and for those who did not. This will help HFD to determine who needs to be refunded in the case that no product was delivered.
  2. HFD has been authorized to begin issuing refunds to those customers that indeed did not receive clear aligner product from SmileDirectClub as evidenced in shipping and tracking information from various delivery services utilized by SmileDirectClub.

Who is Healthcare Finance Direct (HFD)?

HFD is a third-party contractor for SmileDirectClub that collects installment payments from nearly all SmileDirectClub’s customers who are enrolled in the SmilePay installment payment plans in USA and Canada. HFD collects your monthly scheduled payments, provides an online portal to manage your payment plan, and facilitates customer support for your payment plan during your financing journey. HFD is not a creditor nor is HFD a SmileDirectClub affiliate. HFD is doing its best to navigate through SmileDirectClub’s bankruptcy process and is focused on being a trusted resource for all SmileDirectClub customers when it comes to installment payment plans. 

What happens to my SmilePay payment plan now that SmileDirectClub is closed for business?

Currently, your Retail Installment Contract and payment plan are still active and valid If you have received your aligners and completed your treatment plan, you are obligated to continue paying for the full set of aligners you have already received per your signed Retail Installment Contract To the extent that you have requested a refund and have complied with the SmileDirectClub return policy, HFD is working with other interested parties to address such refund requests.

Do I keep making payments to Healthcare Finance Direct?

Customers that received their aligners from SmileDirectClub, completed their treatment, and have an active payment plan with HFD should continue making payments Our Customer Support Team is available to help with your payment plan They can be contacted at (877) 874-3877.

How do I access the terms of my payment plan?

Customers that chose SmilePay, the financing option, can log in or create an HFD account by going to our patient portal From there, you can download your Retail Installment Contract that outlines the terms of your plan.  You can also contact our Customer Support at (877) 874-3877. 

I want to pay off the balance of my HFD payment plan. How can I best do that?

You can pay off your remaining balance without penalty at any time.  You can make a payment online through this link or by calling Customer Support at (877) 874-3877 Do not make any payments directly to SmileDirectClub. 

How do I get support if I don’t live in the USA or Canada?

HFD supports the USA and Canada territories The payment plan servicer for customers that live in the UK is supported by Tabeo.  Please see Tabeo FAQ page.  For customers that live in Australia, SmileDirectClub managed your payments plans directly.  Please see the SmileDirectClub FAQ page for more information. 

When will the bankruptcy be over?

Please refer to SmileDirectClub’s website for further information We will update our website with more information as it becomes available.  

I am within my 30-day money back guarantee window. How do I request a full refund and cancellation of my HFD payment plan?

We are currently in the process of identifying any customers who signed up for the installment payment plan and have requested a refund under the 30-day money back guarantee.  We are diligently working with the other interested parties to determine how best to complete the refund transaction.  When we have an approved process that has been directed to us by the new creditor of your loan, we will provide more information to you here.  We are, however, advocating on behalf of those with HFD installment payment plans to have refunds processed by the creditor as soon as possible.  

Please note that while HFD may be able to cancel and refund payments made pursuant to your HFD payment plan, refund requests for any payments made to SmileDirectClub directly, such as your down payment, must be sent to SmileDirectClub. 

How can I get a refund for my down payment that was processed by SmileDirectClub?

HFD did not process SmileDirectClub’s down payments. These were processed by SmileDirectClub directly.  You may seek a refund of your downpayments from SDC through the bankruptcy process. https://restructuring.ra.kroll.com/smiledirectclub/EPOC-Index 

How can I get a refund if I paid for my aligners in full directly to SmileDirectClub?

HFD is not involved in the processing of any payments made directly to SmileDirectClub, including down payments, or paid-in-full transactions made directly to SmileDirectClub by using their website and/or their customer care team. You may seek a refund of any payments made directly to SDC through the bankruptcy process. https://restructuring.ra.kroll.com/smiledirectclub/EPOC-Index 

I have questions about my treatment. Who can I speak to at SmileDirectClub?

At this time, SmileDirectClub has ceased global operations, and the SmileDirectClub Customer Care Support Team is not available to take your calls.  If you wish to continue your treatment plan outside of the SmileDirectClub program, we suggest consulting your treating doctor or your local dental professional with any questions around future aligner treatment.  We are working with the other interested parties to gather information on customers affected by this issue and are hopeful the parties can develop a plan to properly handle these requests. 

I don’t have an account with HFD. How do I cancel my account or treatment plan with SmileDirectClub?

You must work with SmileDirectClub directly We hope that SDC or the court will have more information for you on canceling your treatment plan.  HFD can only support you on payment plans managed by HFD. 

What about my Lifetime Smile Guarantee?

Unfortunately, at this time, SmileDirectClub has ceased global operations, and the lifetime smile guarantee which provides an additional set of aligners annually provided that the customer purchases two retainers annually is no longer valid.  

As for the refund policy under the Lifetime Smile Guarantee, the interested parties are working on ensuring that the 30 day full refund and the pro rata refunds past 30 days are still honored. As information develops, we will update our FAQs accordingly.   

How do I return the aligners?

SmileDirectClub has ceased global operations and no longer accepts returns. If you have received your aligners and completed treatment, you are still obligated to continue making your payments as stated in your Retail Installment Contract.  To the extent you are unsatisfied with your aligners and have not completed your treatment, you may return the aligners.  As information develops, we will update our FAQs on where to return the aligners. 

I’m at the end or near the end of my treatment plan and I need retainers. How can I get my retainers?

SmileDirectClub customers do not automatically receive retainers. You must have separately purchased post-treatment retainers towards the end of your treatment or within 30 days of the end of your treatment. As SmileDirectClub has ceased global operations, we suggest contacting your local dental professional to receive advice on how to best support your retainer needs. 

Any refunds are not corporate obligations of HFD or any party other than SmileDirectClub, LLC and certain of its affiliates.   

Please continue to visit this site for updates.

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