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The HFD Logo

hfd logo
hfd logo white

The HFD Icon

The symbol consists of three lettersHFD that are presented in the shapeof the heart. Letter H (Healthcare) is a symbol of healthcareaccessibility for everyone. Letter F (Finance) is asymbol of delivering innovative end-to-endfinancing solutions. Letter D (Direct) is a symbolof easy and timely transactions at the point of sale.

hfd icon
white hfd icon
A black outline of a heart

The HFD Color Palette

The HFD brand utilizes a range of cool tones. Our colors are electric blue, deep blue, sky blue, and friendly green.

Electric Blue

HEX: #1D49E6

RGB: 29, 73, 230

CYMK: 86, 59, 0, 0

Digital Only!


Deep Blue

HEX: #292D78

RGB: 41, 45, 120

CYMK: 95, 86, 5, 14

Sky Blue

HEX: #00A3D8

RGB: 0, 163, 219

CYMK: 69, 16, 1, 0

Friendly Green

HEX: #38B3A0

RGB: 56, 179, 160

CYMK: 68, 3, 39, 1



Lato is the official font of HFD. Lato is a sans-serif typeface and is used for all HFD brand and marketing materials.


This is most useful for cover and title slides. 

Lato Bold 

60 pt

Top Headline

This is most useful for big headlines in a simple slid.

Lato Bold 

32 pt

Headline #2

This is best for one strong message or quote. 

Lato Bold 

28 pt

Headline #3

This is best for a subheader.

Lato Bold 

18 pt

Copy #1

Option #1 for text within HFD marketing materials. 

Lato Regular

12 pt

Copy #2

Option #2 for text within HFD marketing materials. 

Lato Regular

10 pt

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