Meet the Hearts Behind Affordable Healthcare

The heart of HFD is our people. Our team is committed to serving the underserved and making sure that patient’s have access to the care they need. We work every day to deliver on our mission of making healthcare more affordable by giving everyone a better way to pay. 

Our Mission

We make healthcare more affordable by giving patients a better way to pay.

Our Vision

We see a world where healthcare financing is accessible, inclusive, and affordable. 

Our Purpose

We exist to help the underserved live healthier, happier lives. 

Family Has Always Been the Heart of HFD

johnson family

Tyler and Luke grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. Their grandfather moved from Iowa to Bakersfield, California in pursuit of the California dream. He started a local laundromat where he made enough to raise his daughter and son.

That son, Ron started a software development company just a few years out of college. His son Tyler had just  graduated with a finance degree and his other son Luke was just entering college, when the trio saw incredible potential in one of their customers, Healthcare Finance Direct.

The Johnsons recognized the gap in healthcare affordability that HFD was trying to address, and believed their entrepreneurial spirit and technology background could bridge that gap while also fulfilling their mission to serve the underserved.  In 2016, the Johnsons leveraged nearly all their family assets to purchase HFD.

Their mission is to make healthcare affordable by providing a better way to pay. 

Our People Make the Difference

In the past few years alone, we’ve helped over a million people through our technology integrations and ability to approve nearly every patient for financing.*

This is change that matters.

employees collaborating in workplace

Our Leadership Team

Tyler Johnson
Tyler Johnson Chief Executive Officer
Willie Shoffner
Willie Shoffner President
Luke Johnson
Luke Johnson Chief Revenue Officer
Israel Eleazar
Israel Eleazar Chief Credit Officer
Patrick Visser
Patrick Visser Chief Technology Officer
Ben Toland
Ben Toland Chief Financial Officer
TR Brown
TR Brown Senior VP of Servicing Operations
Cindy Ozuna
Cindy Ozuna VP of Operations
Jack Craven
Jack Craven VP of Strategic Accounts
Justin Layne
Justin Layne Director of Integrations
Nick Hollenbeck
Nick Hollenbeck Director of Product
Anne Haines
Anne Haines Director of Engagement
Maria Casteneda
Maria Casteneda Director of Call Center Operations
Rick James
Rick James Director of Cloud Infrastructure and Security

*Applicants will be declined financing with any program due to Open Bankruptcy or Terrorist Watch List.