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Frequently Asked Questions for Providers

How is HFD different from other patient financing companies?

Most patient finance lenders focus on approving patients in the “prime” credit category, which is traditionally above a 660 credit score. This means that sub-prime or no credit patients are denied and left with no affordable options for treatment.

We’re a fintech platform that brings patients, providers and capital partners together and facilitates mutually beneficial finance offerings for nearly every patient. Applicants will be declined financing with any program due to Open Bankruptcy or Terrorist Watch List. No more sunk costs with declined-for-financing patients.

Do I get paid up-front?

Yes. We offer Cash Up Front solutions, disbursing the funded amount upon patients’ acceptance of their payment plan. The funded amount is subject to the associated discount rate.

Do I have credit risk?

You will only have credit risk if you choose our Cash Over Time (we pay you as we collect) solution. The benefit of this offering is that all interest collected by HFD is your income. Maintain all of the control without any of the pain of servicing the payment plan.

Patients also benefit from our servicing features such as auto-debit, payment reminders, and their own payment portal. 

Is HFD a lender?

No, HFD is not a lender. HFD is a technology platform that allows providers to originate retail installment contracts between themselves and the consumer. HFD then assists in the sale of those contracts with its capital partners and services the payment plan until it is paid in full.

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