The Heart of Affordable Healthcare.

We offer affordable pay-over-time options for every patient.*

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A plan for every patient.*

Traditional lenders approve around half of patients that apply for credit. We are committed to offering nearly every patient an affordable pay-over-time option, regardless of their credit score. 

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Providing Financing For
Dental, Orthodontics, Cosmetic, Vision, Audiology, Veterinary

HFD provides affordable financing options for patients in dental, orthodontics, veterinary, audiology, vision, and cosmetics. We know all of these specialties have different goals and challenges, so we tailor our plans to meet the needs of both patients and providers within each vertical. 

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We Do Things Differently Here

You have some challenges with your current patient financing. We know how that disrupts your business. We’re here to change that. 

Affordable Patient Terms

Change the conversation from the cost of treatment to what a patient can afford to pay.

Low Cost to the Provider

Choose a program that fits your needs, not the banks. Optimize for patient APRs, provider discount rates, and patient approval rates.

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Office Managers Love Us

No more uncomfortable conversations because a patient is declined. Patients don’t need to be afraid to apply, because you know they will be approved.

Amazing Patient Experience

With an easy and intuitive application workflow and world class servicing, HFD ensures your patients have a great experience through the life of their payment plan.

Providers Love

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Say goodbye to having those difficult conversations when a patient is declined.

HFD Case Study about Affordable Care
"It is a great feeling to see patients who had lost hope and had been living in pain, now come back to the practice and leave smiling."

"It is a great feeling to see patients who had lost hope and had been living in pain, now come back to the practice and leave smiling."

Kaylee H.

Affordable Dental and Implants Clinic Manager

Learn How HFD Brought Affordable Care to Patients in Need

In their first 6 months, Affordable Care was able to treat 5,343 patients because of HFD. These are patients who most likely wouldn’t have had any other way to pay for their treatment. They were all existing patients of Affordable Care, many who had already visited a practice and left with an unscheduled treatment. Unscheduled treatments are a significant opportunity for healthcare providers. With HFD, Affordable Care was able to both reduce the number of new unscheduled treatments and bring patients in who had previously left with unscheduled treatments. 

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*Applicants will be declined financing with any program due to Open Bankruptcy or Terrorist Watch List.