Creating a Better Experience for Patients and Staff

doctor and patient looking at tablet

If your healthcare organization is providing in-house financing to patients, you may already realize that servicing patient payment plans is difficult for your staff. Staff may be making multiple phone calls to patients attempting to collect payments, sending out numerous letters, and enduring the uncomfortable stress that invokes. Your patients may be embarrassed to seek further treatment because they know they have outstanding bills. Healthcare Finance Direct can put an end to all that stress for patients and staff, offering a better experience for everyone.

HFD simplifies the process by taking care of the servicing that goes along with offering financial options for those that don’t qualify for traditional loans. No more pen and paper billing, endless phone calls, or uncomfortable conversations for anyone. The HFD finance process begins with a simple application, auto-debited monthly payments for patients, and a 24/7 patient portal for convenience. For your staff, learning the HFD tools takes just a few minutes, unlike the learning curve for practice management software. Say yes to more patients and create a better experience for your patients and staff.

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