Cure Your Billing Headaches

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We collect in full on 93% of bills across hundreds of thousands of accounts.
Healthcare Finance Direct eliminates your billing headaches by taking control of the billing process. Our servicing methods have proven results and make the process easier on your clients and you. One key to ensuring a patient pays on time is to ensure that the patient feels like more than a revenue stream. Taking the billing process away from your office and allowing HFD to handle it allows you to focus on quality patient care and a positive relationship with your patients.
The first law of financing says that if it is hard for patients to make payments, you won’t get paid. HFD has created a painless billing process for patients. We set them up with auto-debiting aligned with their paydays to ensure success. We also provide a 24/7 patient portal for them to access and review scheduled payments, billing history, and remaining balances.
Our sophisticated underwriting process of algorithms determine a patient’s ability to pay, so our failed payment occurrences are infrequent. In those instances where payments are missed, however, Healthcare Finance Direct communicates with patients through a variety of channels from text messages, emails, automated calling, and human-operated calling to smoke signals if needed – okay maybe not smoke signals. We develop a relationship with your patients that allows us to have a much higher level of payment success than typical, over 93%.
Let us cure your billing headaches and leave you to cure your patients. You provide your high-quality medical services while maintaining a positive relationship with your patients. We provide our high-quality billing services for you and your patients. We become a barrier between you and your patients for those uncomfortable billing communications, and your patients keep a positive relationship with you and your staff.

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