HFD Offers Engine achieves 100% approvals

AI-powered technology enables providers to guarantee finance to every patient.


June 3, 2022

HFD Offers Engine achieves 100% approval for patients in need of personalized Pay-Over-Time options

BAKERSFIELD, CA / JUNE 3, 2022 / GLOBE NEWSWIRE / — Healthcare Finance Direct (HFD), the leading provider of patient finance solutions for elective healthcare procedures, announced that they are able to approve 100 percent of patients in need of personalized payment options. HFD’s Offers Engine, a proprietary technology built on AI-powered algorithms, allows HFD to provide patients with the finance solutions they need, regardless of their credit score.

The HFD Offers Engine is a core platform feature that empowers providers to focus patient conversations on treatment affordability instead of cost. It also improves patient conversion rates and helps more patients receive elective healthcare treatments. 

“Cost is one of the single biggest factors that prevents patients from scheduling and receiving their prescribed treatments,” said Tyler Johnson, HFD’s CEO. “HFD is on a mission to help every patient have access to affordable pay overtime options, so they can get the treatment they need to improve their health. Our Offers Engine empowers providers to have conversations and know that every single patient they see will have access to pay over time options personalized to their unique situation.”

The HFD Offers Engine plays a pivotal role in enabling affordability-focused conversations among treatment coordinators and patients. Utilizing proprietary algorithms, the HFD Offers Engine assesses a patient’s creditworthiness and provides multiple payment plan options for every patient based on true creditworthiness, not their credit score alone. The entire process happens nearly instantaneously, allowing patients to decide within moments which payment option they want to proceed with for their treatment. 

“Traditional prime lenders turn down up to half of all patients, despite the fact that more patients than ever before need payment plans to afford their healthcare,” said Luke Johnson, Chief Marketing and Experience Officer at HFD. “Through innovations like the HFD Offers Engine, our Easy Apply workflow and Easy-API integrations, we’re developing the most robust and powerful product on the market to help every patient access affordable pay-over-time options.”

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HFD is the leading Buy Now, Pay Later platform for elective healthcare procedures. HFD provides an end-to-end solution that empowers providers to approve 100% of their patients, without sacrificing their margins or patient experience to traditional subprime lenders. With recourse and non-recourse options, HFD is on a mission to disrupt the patient finance industry, so that every single patient has affordable finance options for their healthcare, regardless of their credit score.

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