How AI is Changing Dentistry

dental and ai

Innovations in AI technology are leading practices into the future. 

We love modernization and the implementation of new technologies. Some of the innovations are out of this world, from patient scheduling automation to artificial intelligence (AI) patient diagnosis – the possibilities seem endless.  

At HFD, we recognize that these advancements are positively transforming the patient and provider experience. We’re excited to see how technology is catapulting dental practices into a new era. We recently spoke with our friends at Pearl AI to learn how they are revolutionizing dental diagnostics. 


Dentists are often the sole decision-makers when diagnosing patients. While we trust their expertise, having a valid second opinion can help dentists affirm their diagnosis and deliver the proper treatment to patients and improve a patient’s experience.  

Pearl is the only FDA-approved AI platform that monitors dental x-rays and detects a variety of dental conditions. The Second Opinion® platform allows dentists to deliver an accurate and thorough analysis of patient x-rays before treatment.  

“If you’re diagnosing more accurately your patients are going to trust you more, if you’re able to gain patient trust, they will come back to your practice,” said Pearl’s VP of Marketing, Nick Garrison.  

“The fact that Pearl acts as a second set of eyes, that’s easily understandable, so patients understand that the dentist isn’t the only one pointing to a grey smudge on an x-ray, is great for patient experience.”  

Let’s face it, visiting the dentist can be uncomfortable. What can make a patient’s visit worse than whatever oral issue they’re experiencing is finding out they need a pricey procedure to solve their issue. Which can lead to patients deferring treatment for a second opinion, ultimately making the problem worse.  

This AI platform can offer dentists and patients confidence in their diagnosis, overall improving patient experience and satisfaction. With the implementation of Pearl’s Second Opinion platform, dentists can trust they’re providing the correct diagnosis for their patients.  

At HFD we know that no matter how good the diagnosis, case acceptance often depends on a patient’s ability to pay for treatment. Our commitment to providing a plan for every patient means that you can present treatment confidently knowing that finances won’t be a hurdle. 

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