Meet Our Executive Leadership

tyler johnson

Tyler Johnson

Chief executive officer

Tyler was appointed the CEO role in January of 2021. Since then, Tyler has introduced HFD’s first recourse product, onboarded various enterprise clients, and implemented a 3-year strategic plan. Late 2021, Tyler was chosen to be in the United States Top 100 People In Finance. 

luke johnson

Luke Johnson

Chief marketing and experience officer

Luke is responsible for building the products that now supports enterprise business.  He spends his time working with clients and stakeholders gathering critical feedback that can improve HFD’s products and message.

alice ferguson

Alice Ferguson

Chief operating officer

With a great corporate history at Apple, Levi, and OpenDoor, Alice brings a high level of quality to every department. Her knowledge on payments and servicing drive peak performance for capital partners.

stev neitzke

Steve Neitzke

Chief financial officer

Steve has been with HFD for over 10 years, initially serving as a strategy consultant. He has been the critical component to the CFO-to-CFO marketing strategy that has cultivated such rapport in the industry for HFD’s brand.

willie shoffner

Willie Shoffner

Chief performance officer

Willie leads our Human Capital and Project teams to get the best from our staff and company. He is redefining processes, and the way work gets done to prepare our company for next level. He is leading the company’s strategic and tactical planning efforts and serves as the key integrator between all departments of the business. 

patrick visser

Patrick Visser

Chief technology officer

Patrick’s extensive experience in financial services and risk has been pivotal in shaping HFD’s technology roadmap. His improvements have improved HFD’s ability to deliver products to market at greater velocity.