Lending Compliance

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HFD takes care of all lending compliance regulations so you don’t have to. Retail installment contracts are the cornerstone of a successful healthcare finance model, however, keeping up with all the regulations to ensure your retail installment contracts are compliant can be a nightmare for a medical practice.

Keeping you compliant with all those regulations is what HFD can do for you. We provide the opportunity for you to focus on treating your patients and leave the compliance hurdles and all other aspects of patient contracts to us.

You can provide a better experience for your patients by offering affordable payment plans without having the headaches of monitoring that process. We handle the underwriting process, help them schedule direct deposit payments, and provide a 24/7 online portal where patients are empowered to make and monitor their payments. Our process has a proven track record with a 93% payment success rate over hundreds of thousands of accounts.

HFD is not a lender or a billing company. We specialize in creating and handling successful retail installment contracts where patients pay you for their treatment on a timetable they can afford. You allow your patients the opportunity to make affordable payments, but don’t have to worry about collecting those payments. HFD collects the payments and makes daily deposits into your account to ensure you receive timely payments for your services. The interest that patients pay on those loans covers the cost of HFD services and then some.

Compliance regulations are extensive, and it can be complicated for the average medical facility to stay up to date on the constantly changing rules. Fines and legal implications of non-compliance, and even business reputation consequences can all cripple your medical business. HFD takes lending compliance seriously and protects your medical practice by staying informed regarding all regulations and ensuring compliance. You take care of your patients and leave their installment contracts and payment process to us.

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