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We understand the importance of effectively promoting our services across different verticals in the healthcare industry. Here, you’ll find ready-to-use social media content categorized by the various healthcare services we support. Feel free to explore and utilize these materials to enhance your social media presence and spread the word about HFD.






HFD Brand Guidelines

Maintaining brand consistency is crucial. Ensure that your posts align with HFD’s brand identity by referring to our Brand Guidelines. These guidelines cover logos, colors, co-branding, and marketing compliance.

Optimizing Your HFD Social Strategy

To make the most of HFD’s social media content, we suggest these effective strategies. By following these recommendations, you can effectively promote HFD’s services and help your patients access the care they need.

Maintain Consistency

Regular posts keep your audience engaged and well-informed about the benefits of HFD financing.

Leverage Our Brand Guidelines

Familiarize yourself with our brand guidelines to maintain a consistent and professional appearance across all your posts.

Highlight Success Stories

Share patient success stories to build trust with potential clients by showcasing how HFD has positively impacted others.

Include a Strong Call to Action

Encourage patient follow-through by using compelling call-to-action phrases, such as “Learn More,” “Apply Today,” or “Contact Us.”


When you post content, tag HFD on LinkedIn and Facebook to enhance visibility and provide a direct channel for patients to ask questions.

Request Marketing Support

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