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Attract more patients with our ready-to-use website materials. This is your one-stop destination for high-quality banners and buttons designed to enhance your online presence and engage your patients. Our graphics are tailored to your practice’s needs and are just a click away. 


Elevate your practice’s website with our collection of professionally designed banners. These eye-catching visuals will captivate your online visitors and convey the value of HFD financing options.


Enhance your website with our collection of custom-designed buttons. These buttons are optimized for user interaction and can be easily integrated into your website to encourage patient engagement.

HFD Brand Guidelines

Maintaining brand consistency is crucial. Ensure that your website aligns with HFD’s brand identity by referring to our Brand Guidelines. These guidelines cover logos, colors, co-branding, and marketing compliance.

Optimizing Your Website for HFD Services

Incorporating HFD services into your website is a strategic move to enhance patient financing options and improve the overall patient experience. Here are some tips to help you effectively optimize your website.

Clear and Accessible Information

Ensure that information about HFD services is easily accessible on your website. Create a dedicated page or section where patients can learn about the financing options available through HFD.

Prominent Call to Action (CTA)

Place a noticeable CTA button or link on your homepage, financing page, or treatment pages. Use persuasive text like “Explore Affordable Financing” to encourage patients to click and learn more.

Include HFD Buttons and Banners

Incorporate HFD branding elements, such as logos or banners, to visually highlight the availability of financing options. This helps in building trust and recognition.

Patient Testimonials

Showcase patient success stories related to HFD services. Real-life testimonials can significantly influence potential patients in choosing your practice.

Regular Updates

Keep your website up-to-date with the latest HFD offerings, promotions, or changes in financing options. An outdated website can lead to confusion.

Request Marketing Support

Do you have specific marketing needs or require assistance in utilizing these materials effectively? Reach out to our marketing support team through our Marketing Support Form. We’re here to help you make the most of your marketing efforts.

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