Patients Are More Than Their Credit Scores

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Most providers offer pay-over-time options to their patients by utilizing various credit lenders to cover their cost of services. However, credit lenders are only able to provide opportunities to around half of those who apply. If their credit score is too low, or non-existent, then they are not approved.

Healthcare Finance Direct has an approval process that entails much more than just an algorithm based on a FICO score. We review a patient’s entire credit profile, not just their FICO, and our underwriting process will determine their ability to pay at a 93% accuracy rate throughout our hundreds of thousands of accounts.

Don’t put your patients through the torture of submitting multiple financial applications just to be rejected over and over. Trust our proprietary underwriting process and partner with us to empower you to confidently provide your patients the opportunity to pay over time. You become the lender with us handling the whole process, from underwriting through collecting and weekly payments to you.

Your patients will be assigned an online portal where they can view their scheduled automatic debits and make additional payments when desired. They can also track all payments and remaining balances for complete transparency. You have the peace of mind to know that Healthcare Finance Direct will collect all payments on your behalf to ensure you are paid on a timely basis.

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